Windows let in the light and offer beautiful views of the outdoors, but the sunlight they invite in can cause hot spots. One solution gives you the best of both worlds: Window Film.

Benefits Of Window Film

Designed to reject solar heat and prevent fading, you can still let the natural sunlight in without worrying about the condition of your interior and furniture, window film adds a protective layer to your home. Some benefits of window film include energy conversion savings that save you up to 30% on cooling costs, fade reduction by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays that fade your carpets, art pieces, and furniture; sun control that improves the temperature consistency of your home, glare reduction for better computer and television screen viewing, safety from natural disasters by preventing glass and shards from scattering, and a good way to protect your home from crime. Window film is also great for environmentally minded individuals due to its renewable energy capabilities with the possibility to qualify for project reimbursements or tax reductions.

With a one-time investment, this upgrade often comes with a lifetime residential warranty and lasts a long time provided no serious damage is done to your windows. For more information on how to improve your property with window film, contact Valley Window Cleaning for all of our product brands and options along with our window cleaning and pressure washing services. We’re your one-stop-shop for exterior cleaning in the Lehigh Valley.

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Disadvantages of Window Film

While window film is overall a great investment, there are a few compromises. Some window manufacturers warn that films will void their window warranty; however, several film manufacturers offer to match it. Certain lites, latches, and frames make installation difficult, and a bad application can leave glass looking bubbly which is why it’s important to have a knowledgeable contractor installing your window film. Some brands are said better than others, so buyers should look for NFRC certification. There is also a concern that the film decreases visible light in your home, and while that may be true, the human eye cannot tell the difference. These are only superficial downsides when considering the great advantage of adding window film to your windows!

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