Residential Window Cleaning Services

Want Spotless Windows?

At Valley Window Cleaning, we know what it takes to deliver quality service and clean windows. Are the windows of your home not as clear as they used to be? We’ll put the sparkle and shine back in your windows in no time. With our highly trained and experienced glass window cleaners, we’ll leave your windows spotless.

If you’re looking for master cleaning services, call Valley Window Cleaning at 610.481.0424 for residential window cleaning in Easton, Whitehall, & Allentown, PA.

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Window washing can be a chore. From picking the right type of cleaner, to moving the curtains and furniture and finding the time to do it – it can be a frustrating process. And then when you do finish, you can still see all the streaks that have been left behind. Our complete window cleaning services can help!

We can take the “pane” out of cleaning your windows. We use traditional methods as well as the latest in window cleaning technology. Our pure water system allows us to clean second, third, and even fourth story windows from ground level. This system allows us to provide you with a spot free clean on your exterior windows while keeping us with two feet on the ground. 

We are able to clean around many draperies. Also, if something has to be moved we can do that too. In no time, we can have your windows shining brightly and leave you with time to do the things you love.

Office Window Cleaning Services

What we Do

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Valley Window Cleaning is the leading commercial window cleaning company for Office Window Cleaning services in the Lehigh Valley, with the right people for the job. We will work with your schedule, providing the staff and services you need with a minimum of disruption to your business, while keeping your premises in top condition for your employees and clients.

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Solar panels are often in hard to reach places. If they are out of sight we may even forget that they too need cleaning. Dust and debris can collect on the panels and decrease their output and efficiency. Allow us to safely clean them using our pure water system to help keep them saving you money and operating at peak efficiency.

We get the job done right, with quality results every time.