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Fall Window Cleaning

While spring is traditionally considered the best time to clean your home, fall window cleaning can be equally as significant.

Last Call For Fall Window Cleaning

With the winter season approaching, it is an excellent idea to take care of your windows before the freezing weather sets in. Optimal temperatures for fall window cleaning range from the mid-60s to 70s Fahrenheit, which means that November is the absolute last chance you’ll have for streak-free window cleaning until mid to late spring. Wouldn’t it be nice if your windows were clean ahead of the holidays? Dust, dirt, and pollen accumulated from summer may still be on your windows – and with heaters turning on, dust and dirt will be thrown up further inside your home.

Health And Wellness

When pollen and dust are locked inside & accumulated throughout your home, it can make your seasonal allergies worse. Cleaning your windows this fall can prevent the accumulation of dust that has built up over the summer, along with eliminating any bacteria that accumulates around windows year-around. Clean windows will also bring more unfiltered light into your home. Daylight is a hot commodity in northern states from October until May, after all. Keep seasonal depression away with routine fall window cleaning services. For a streak-free finish, it’s recommended for homeowners to hire a professional window cleaning service. While it may seem easy, window cleaning works best with time-tested and trained expert technique.

Not to mention, depending on the height of your home and the number of windows, it’s safer to pass on the service to a trusted company like Valley Window Cleaning. Fall window cleaning not only involves mitigating temperature and staying warm to stave off hypothermia, but it also involves climbing ladders, proper anchoring of equipment, potentially hazardous chemicals to skin and eyes, and more. Stay safe and warm this fall with our professional fall window cleaning services, pressure washing, window film installations, and more!

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